Cyclic Redundancy Check Failure

CRC Failure Dataloss

A cyclic redundancy check (CRC) is used to detect alteration of data during transmission or storage. This check usually prevents copying a file even if most of the file is fine. JFileRecovery bypasses this error and gives you all the data it can salvage.

Cyclic Redundancy Check failures

The most common time you will see a CRC error message is when trying to read data from a damaged CD or DVD. Usually the computer becomes less responsive and you hear repetitive seek noises from the drive for up to a minute. And then, if you are using windows XP, you will encounter the following error message:

Cannot copy ... Data error (cyclic redundancy check)

The copy process is then aborted with no option of retrying to read from the damaged region or skipping over it. This is very frustrating when copying large files because you must try copying again from the beginning.

The JFileRecovery deluxe application can typically recover over 99.9% of the data and give you a reliable copy rather than abandon the copy process.

Not suitable for executable files

JFileRecovery should not be used to recover executable files. A single error in an executable file is very serious and could potentially damage your computer.

JFileRecovery Technology

The JFileRecovery data transfer technology has helped salvage over one million damaged files since 2006.

JFileRecovery deluxe is a very useful tool to have available for reading multi-media files in emergencies.

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