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Extract Recover Rescue

JFileRecovery deluxe is an application that can copy files from damaged hard disks, CDs, DVDs and Flash media, skipping over problematic regions that typically cause copying to fail.

Best Efforts File Recovery

JFileRecovery deluxe is not based on low level disk reading but on the observation that damaged areas take longer to read. The multi-threaded design of JFileRecovery deluxe makes it possible to abort reads from slow responding regions and continue the copy process. Additional attempts at recovering bad regions can be made even if hardware errors cause a system crash.

This best efforts approach enables as much of the file as possible to be copied and damaged regions to be left empty.

If the file is listed, there is a very good chance that JFileRecovery can salvage the data with minimal data loss. For most media file formats such as MP3, MPEG, AVI and JPEG, a small amount of loss is often not even noticeable.

The JFileRecovery deluxe application can typically recover over 99.9% of the data and give you a reliable copy rather than abandon the process as with other recovery tools.

Not suitable for executable files

JFileRecovery should not be used to recover executable files. A single error in an executable file is very serious and could potentially damage your computer.

JFileRecovery Technology

The JFileRecovery data transfer technology has helped salvage over one million damaged files since 2006.

JFileRecovery deluxe is a very useful tool to have available for reading multi-media files in emergencies.

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